Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Dream Sleep

Diary entry: Sunday, Jan 27th 2013

Have you ever been so tired that you were dreaming that you were sleeping? I am still a little disoriented. You'd be too if you were jolted up from 2 sleeps. I am still not sure if I am up or in another dream.

We were returning home from a family trip. Dad was driving my Galant. I was tired, half asleep in the back seat.I vaguely remember my dad pulling into a driveway and parking on a grass field. My dad took his luggage from the trunk, walked up a flight of stairs, unlocked the door and walked in. A few lights turned on and my attention was back around me inside the car. Mom had now got hold of the wheel and my brother had jumped into the passenger seat before I could even respond; not sure where we were going. I didn't care. I just wanted to sleep. I sprawled on my back in the backseat and closed my eyes.

I am on a bed on a grass field. How I got there, I don't know. It doesn't matter either. The stars are bright; a cool breeze is in the air. I feel peaceful, almost refreshed.

"Wake up, we are home", I heard a call.

I still feel tired. I turn over and check the clock in my phone; 7:06. I am late. I have to pick my friend up in 20 minutes and go skiing. I'll drive to his place and then let him take the wheels. In the meantime, I should write about this; I haven't blogged in months, I think as I jump off the bed and rush to the washroom.