Saturday, March 3, 2007

The musings of an Oz fan

The Oz juggernaut was soaring through the clouds, the fighter carrying eleven, all integral to the success of the mission, all playing a role in demolishing the opposition, operating various controls of this highly advanced jet, a testament to the Oz way of life, their patience, their perseverance and the power that most tend to under estimate, the power of the mind.

The juggernaut was soaring, its bullets tearing through the opposition, demolishing every enemy plane in sight. And then, it struck. God!!! It was a stray bullet and that too from that English jet plummetting downwards losing control. "It has hit the fuselage. I am losing control.We are going into a spin.", announced the captain. Just as they started skyrocketing towards the ground, through the corner of their eyes they could see the English jet regaining control and to rub salt into the Oz wounds they started a rapid fire destroying the starboard engine, the sudden shock injuring the captain.

Not causing any more damage, obeying commands from the their command, the British jet didn't go for the kill and left this dirty job to their Kiwi counterparts. With the Oz juggernaut being taken over by the co pilot, who too could not regain control over the jet, the Kiwi fire was just too much. The jet burst into flames and crashed into the snow capped hills of the Kiwi wilderness.

Fortunately, the casualties were few. The Juggernaut's key operator, the one who controlled the Spitfire, the juggernaut's most powerful weapon, the gun that shot six continuous rounds of 150kph+ bullets right at the soft spots of the enemy jets, was out, injured and thus could certainly not feature in the next and most important battle of all jet fleets in the world.

The juggernaut on a high, had a soft spot and it was that soft spot, when suddenly hit by a stray bullet destroyed the jet completely. But that's good news for the Ozzies actually. Now they have time to re invent, closing down the chinks, come back witha better jet, in time for the ultimate battle.

The captain is back and so is his Vice, the destroyer at the top, flying the jet at such high bursts of speed thta no oppsition missile can touch the plabne later, popularly known as Gilly, the one pair of hands who can single handedly destroy any jet.

The Juggernaut has now a point to prove. they may be down but never out. It's them that we have to watch out for in the Mother Of all Battles.

DBG's Laws

1) If man knew everything then chimpanzees would be the most intelligent creatures on earth.

2)Different people are different in different ways for the greater good of society.

3)If you really want to achieve something then the entire universe will conspire in helping you.

4)The last few minutes of an hour are the longest.

5)When mind speaks, creativity flows; when intellect speaks, facts flow.

6)The answer to every question, the solution to every problem, the key to every lock is hidden within our hearts itself. It is upto us to trace it.

7)Imperfections make the world perfect.

8)The lack of symmetry makes us see the beauty of symmetry.

Conversation With God

P: Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh......great i don't know what's after that. Well who cares. Now what am i supposed to do here? Oh ya. I was supposed to clean up my room before santa comes visiting. Lets start with my library.

Ding Dong.

P:Who's that???? Will the guyz out there not allow me to work in peace. Great!!!!!!!!

Opens Door.

P: Who are you???

G: Atlast i find the person i was looking for. Let me introduce myself. I am the supreme power, the one with all powers, the creator of alpha and omega, the creator of all universe, the creator of life. Cool intro, right?

It is the first time god is introducing himself.

P: You!!!!! Really man, quit joking. I have work to do. You came for donations right. Sorry! I am broke.

Closes door.
White flashes of light and presto the man who called himself god is inside the house.

P: Wow!! That was cool magic. Where did you learn this stuff?? Now out!! Out of my house.

G: Come on. I came to talk to you, seek help from you. I am in deep trouble, you know, and of all the persons only you can help me.

P: Hey!! There's something sincere about your voice. Well, take a seat. Now start from the beginning. Tell me what's wrong.

G: First of all believe me. I am GOD.

P: I thing i get your problem. Don't worry i will call for help.

G: You think i am nuts!!!!! Come on look at this.

White light all round. Then blank. When vision is regained again, presto, the two are on water, ya you heard me right. Not 'in water' but 'on water'. Having thus caught P's attention and P's belief, G takes him back to P's house.

P: Oh god!! Why me? Why did you come to see me, when there are many great seers out there whose severe penance entitles them to get a glimpse of you? I am just a normal kid leading a normal life trying to chase my dreams.

G: Exactly!!That's exactly why i came to see you. Even while chasing your dreams, come good or evil, come happiness or sadness; you always think of me, thank me , talk to me. Actually you are one of the few who does that. The rest simply pray when they most want me. Other times, they dont even call me, they dont talk to me; as if am to be shunned by all. What do you think is the reason for that?? What can i do to make the world understand that i always need them; come on, atleast i created them.

P: Wow!!!! Thanks for the compliment. But i never knew i ever talked to god like that. There is only one person i talk to all the time, and that's my mind.

G: Beautiful. Has it ever occured to you that the best way of communicating with a person is not through a telephone. Your mind or your soul is connected to the soul of the world or my soul. When you treat your soul as your friend, talk to it, console it and all that, you are actually doing the same to me, and also the entire universe that is connected to me.

P: The answer to every question, the solution of every problem, the key to every lock is hidden within our minds itself, and when you talk to it, you are given the key to unlock it. And now talking to me you have found the answer to your question. I treat you like a friend, a person with extraordinary powers, but with a human heart, yearning for friendship. Thus the problem is that others don't treat you like that. Everyone else sees you as a super being who comforts the burning hearts down here. And thus when they are happy they don't have to think of you. They do so only when they want comfort. So the problem is the way people see you. Change that and then everyone will be a friend.

G: Gee, you really have understood a lot about yourself and your soul. As you speak, wisdom flows. I like that. I was right. You really are miles above the rest. Of all the persons here, you really deserved to see me. Keep up the good work. And thanks for your help. Well, see you some other day.

Flash of bright light ,and............. HE vanishes.


This world is full of variety and lack of uniformity. All the people are different in various ways--
their faces are different, their voices are different, their behaviours are different and so on. Imperfections form the root of this world and this lack of order may seem stifling and as a blot on the creator's creativity.

Even in one person itself, imperfections are plenty, which may seem as a gross mistake by the creator. Nobody is perfect. Everyone will certainly have atleast one feature that is severely inadequate for becoming the perfect person. It may either be his beauty, or his behaviour, no matter what it is, that reduces the attractiveness of the creations of the greater artist..............or does it?

But it is this lack of symmetry that makes us see the beauty of symmetry. If everyone was perfect we would not even have known what perfect actually is. The lack of uniformity in this world makes us understand that uniformity like, found in robots, make us machines, all similar doing the same task, living a life that cannot see, no matter how hard one tries, the beauty of the sculptures of the supreme sculptor.

Imperfections give the world variety and paint it with more colours than found in the rainbow. Imperfections make the world perfect. That is why the creator brought in all this difference. It is not a blot on his creativity but a testament to his brilliance in realising how life would be for his creations if he had tried to bring uniformity to his piece of art.

Thus it is always true that,
Different people are different in different ways for the greater good of society.

DBG On Life, Destiny And Knowledge

Everyone in this world was born for a purpose, everyone has a destiny to fulfill and for most people, or as i believe, for all people, that destiny is to gain all knowledge--that is to know everything about our life and everything surrounding us.

The answer to every problem, the key to every lock is there within ourselves itself. It is upto us to set out discovering the true power within. The soul of man is connected to the soul of nature, the latter, the creator of everything surrounding us, provide the clues to unravel the greater puzzle.

But as we grow grow up, somewhere along the lane we forget our true destiny, we follow false pleasures and eventually settle down, believing that attaining that true destiny we believed in as kids was impossible to achieve. And thus we lead a life without purpose, a bored life, which we never actually wanted that way and which we could have easily averted if we had the little bit of self belief and trusted our minds trying to encourage us to realise our dreams.

So come on guys and girls out there, you who belong to the new generation about to take over the leadership of the world, listen to your hearts, strain your ear and hear all the little things it has to offer , realise that nothing is impossible, and set out to realise your dreams.

Before I conclude there is one more point i would like to share with you. As i wrote earlier the destiny of all people is to know everything about themselves and the world surrounding them. But once we know everything, what next??

There is no more reason to live. Any further life will be mere existence. Nature won't allow any creature to exist without a purpose. And thus, as far as i can see, once we really know everything, that everything includes how we can conquer evil and make this world full of good only, the humans will have to go, just the way the dinosaurs left millions of years back.

Thus the saying goes..........
"If man knows everything, then chimps would become the most intelligent creatures on earth."

No Parking!!!

No Parking Here!!! No Smoking In public places!!! Drive Slowly!!! Trespassers will be prosecuted!!!! Laws, laws and laws everywhere. Laws the type you neither like to follow nor read about. But have you heard of the other kind of laws made. Heard of Murphy’s laws, right? If something has to go wrong it will!!! Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value!!! The chance of the buttered side of the bread falling face down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet!!!………and so on…… interesting laws, right…..laws you rather would read and agree to. Why is that? ’Coz these come from the heart and not the self-conscious intellect.

Now you must be thinking why I wrote this in the beginning. Well, pardon me ‘coz I got no other intro to my article. It may suck but well, just bear with me. By the way have you ever heard of stress and consequent stress busters, things that psychiatrists talk about? Well sometimes I think I really do have an effective stress buster in my possession. I don’t know how good it is, but I guarantee you that it works 70% of the times, at least for the poetic types, forget it, or at least for me!!! But well do you know that making up laws is an interesting way to relieve you of tension. Hold on!! Not laws that you have to follow so that you can lead a better life and Blah! Blah! Blah! But laws the kind of Murphy’s or maybe better ‘coz these come from your heart.

All you got to do is start talking to your own self, and at times, well, mostly all the time, your heart responds and talks back to you and produce such startlingly beautiful phrases which when read together, God knows how, seem to form a nice Murphy law like statement. Take a look at this for instance. If man knew everything then chimpanzees would be the most intelligent creatures on earth………..or this…….. Imperfections make the world perfect…….and what about this……..talents are not meant to be wasted, but given space, time and nourishment to blossom like a flower so that the entire world can enjoy it……. Believe it or not…… I stumbled across these statements when I thought life was dull not meant to live happily……when I started talking to myself……. And in a matter of minutes out I came blurting these statements…….these phrases may suck but then at the time of intense stress these phrases seem like advice from an inner god that you somehow magically get relieved of the stress and go back living and facing life with a smile……. You may call me mad….. talking to oneself……oh boy …… maybe I am really mad…but that little bit of madness in this fast paced world helps me to keep smiling which is what many struggle to do in this highly competitive 21st century..