Saturday, March 3, 2007

No Parking!!!

No Parking Here!!! No Smoking In public places!!! Drive Slowly!!! Trespassers will be prosecuted!!!! Laws, laws and laws everywhere. Laws the type you neither like to follow nor read about. But have you heard of the other kind of laws made. Heard of Murphy’s laws, right? If something has to go wrong it will!!! Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value!!! The chance of the buttered side of the bread falling face down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet!!!………and so on…… interesting laws, right…..laws you rather would read and agree to. Why is that? ’Coz these come from the heart and not the self-conscious intellect.

Now you must be thinking why I wrote this in the beginning. Well, pardon me ‘coz I got no other intro to my article. It may suck but well, just bear with me. By the way have you ever heard of stress and consequent stress busters, things that psychiatrists talk about? Well sometimes I think I really do have an effective stress buster in my possession. I don’t know how good it is, but I guarantee you that it works 70% of the times, at least for the poetic types, forget it, or at least for me!!! But well do you know that making up laws is an interesting way to relieve you of tension. Hold on!! Not laws that you have to follow so that you can lead a better life and Blah! Blah! Blah! But laws the kind of Murphy’s or maybe better ‘coz these come from your heart.

All you got to do is start talking to your own self, and at times, well, mostly all the time, your heart responds and talks back to you and produce such startlingly beautiful phrases which when read together, God knows how, seem to form a nice Murphy law like statement. Take a look at this for instance. If man knew everything then chimpanzees would be the most intelligent creatures on earth………..or this…….. Imperfections make the world perfect…….and what about this……..talents are not meant to be wasted, but given space, time and nourishment to blossom like a flower so that the entire world can enjoy it……. Believe it or not…… I stumbled across these statements when I thought life was dull not meant to live happily……when I started talking to myself……. And in a matter of minutes out I came blurting these statements…….these phrases may suck but then at the time of intense stress these phrases seem like advice from an inner god that you somehow magically get relieved of the stress and go back living and facing life with a smile……. You may call me mad….. talking to oneself……oh boy …… maybe I am really mad…but that little bit of madness in this fast paced world helps me to keep smiling which is what many struggle to do in this highly competitive 21st century..


Chintan said...

first posts are always fun to read :)

Kirklops said...

This goes a long way back. Was just starting college then. Had to re-read the post. Your right, first posts are fun to read :)