Saturday, March 3, 2007

DBG On Life, Destiny And Knowledge

Everyone in this world was born for a purpose, everyone has a destiny to fulfill and for most people, or as i believe, for all people, that destiny is to gain all knowledge--that is to know everything about our life and everything surrounding us.

The answer to every problem, the key to every lock is there within ourselves itself. It is upto us to set out discovering the true power within. The soul of man is connected to the soul of nature, the latter, the creator of everything surrounding us, provide the clues to unravel the greater puzzle.

But as we grow grow up, somewhere along the lane we forget our true destiny, we follow false pleasures and eventually settle down, believing that attaining that true destiny we believed in as kids was impossible to achieve. And thus we lead a life without purpose, a bored life, which we never actually wanted that way and which we could have easily averted if we had the little bit of self belief and trusted our minds trying to encourage us to realise our dreams.

So come on guys and girls out there, you who belong to the new generation about to take over the leadership of the world, listen to your hearts, strain your ear and hear all the little things it has to offer , realise that nothing is impossible, and set out to realise your dreams.

Before I conclude there is one more point i would like to share with you. As i wrote earlier the destiny of all people is to know everything about themselves and the world surrounding them. But once we know everything, what next??

There is no more reason to live. Any further life will be mere existence. Nature won't allow any creature to exist without a purpose. And thus, as far as i can see, once we really know everything, that everything includes how we can conquer evil and make this world full of good only, the humans will have to go, just the way the dinosaurs left millions of years back.

Thus the saying goes..........
"If man knows everything, then chimps would become the most intelligent creatures on earth."

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