Saturday, March 3, 2007

The musings of an Oz fan

The Oz juggernaut was soaring through the clouds, the fighter carrying eleven, all integral to the success of the mission, all playing a role in demolishing the opposition, operating various controls of this highly advanced jet, a testament to the Oz way of life, their patience, their perseverance and the power that most tend to under estimate, the power of the mind.

The juggernaut was soaring, its bullets tearing through the opposition, demolishing every enemy plane in sight. And then, it struck. God!!! It was a stray bullet and that too from that English jet plummetting downwards losing control. "It has hit the fuselage. I am losing control.We are going into a spin.", announced the captain. Just as they started skyrocketing towards the ground, through the corner of their eyes they could see the English jet regaining control and to rub salt into the Oz wounds they started a rapid fire destroying the starboard engine, the sudden shock injuring the captain.

Not causing any more damage, obeying commands from the their command, the British jet didn't go for the kill and left this dirty job to their Kiwi counterparts. With the Oz juggernaut being taken over by the co pilot, who too could not regain control over the jet, the Kiwi fire was just too much. The jet burst into flames and crashed into the snow capped hills of the Kiwi wilderness.

Fortunately, the casualties were few. The Juggernaut's key operator, the one who controlled the Spitfire, the juggernaut's most powerful weapon, the gun that shot six continuous rounds of 150kph+ bullets right at the soft spots of the enemy jets, was out, injured and thus could certainly not feature in the next and most important battle of all jet fleets in the world.

The juggernaut on a high, had a soft spot and it was that soft spot, when suddenly hit by a stray bullet destroyed the jet completely. But that's good news for the Ozzies actually. Now they have time to re invent, closing down the chinks, come back witha better jet, in time for the ultimate battle.

The captain is back and so is his Vice, the destroyer at the top, flying the jet at such high bursts of speed thta no oppsition missile can touch the plabne later, popularly known as Gilly, the one pair of hands who can single handedly destroy any jet.

The Juggernaut has now a point to prove. they may be down but never out. It's them that we have to watch out for in the Mother Of all Battles.

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