Saturday, March 3, 2007


This world is full of variety and lack of uniformity. All the people are different in various ways--
their faces are different, their voices are different, their behaviours are different and so on. Imperfections form the root of this world and this lack of order may seem stifling and as a blot on the creator's creativity.

Even in one person itself, imperfections are plenty, which may seem as a gross mistake by the creator. Nobody is perfect. Everyone will certainly have atleast one feature that is severely inadequate for becoming the perfect person. It may either be his beauty, or his behaviour, no matter what it is, that reduces the attractiveness of the creations of the greater artist..............or does it?

But it is this lack of symmetry that makes us see the beauty of symmetry. If everyone was perfect we would not even have known what perfect actually is. The lack of uniformity in this world makes us understand that uniformity like, found in robots, make us machines, all similar doing the same task, living a life that cannot see, no matter how hard one tries, the beauty of the sculptures of the supreme sculptor.

Imperfections give the world variety and paint it with more colours than found in the rainbow. Imperfections make the world perfect. That is why the creator brought in all this difference. It is not a blot on his creativity but a testament to his brilliance in realising how life would be for his creations if he had tried to bring uniformity to his piece of art.

Thus it is always true that,
Different people are different in different ways for the greater good of society.


Paro said...

Variety is the spice of life, or life in itself. That makes us realise, the good and the bad. Only when you know imperfections you realise whats perfect....

GREAT POST...loved this one

Aditya Nair said...

I dont,however understand...what u mean by imperfections.....arent they too "perfect" then???
if,by them u mean symmetry...I do understand....