Saturday, March 3, 2007

DBG's Laws

1) If man knew everything then chimpanzees would be the most intelligent creatures on earth.

2)Different people are different in different ways for the greater good of society.

3)If you really want to achieve something then the entire universe will conspire in helping you.

4)The last few minutes of an hour are the longest.

5)When mind speaks, creativity flows; when intellect speaks, facts flow.

6)The answer to every question, the solution to every problem, the key to every lock is hidden within our hearts itself. It is upto us to trace it.

7)Imperfections make the world perfect.

8)The lack of symmetry makes us see the beauty of symmetry.


Paro said...

good ones...

Aditya Nair said...

di u by any chance make any of these??
They are really really gud ones...
except I dint understand the 4th one...I think it should be "the hour" rite??

Cyclops said...

grammatically... an seems fine... the conveys same meaning but then too many thes in a sentence...
i guess so.. reading that statement aloud, could not find a difference between an and the..