Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Joe Black

It certainly is an exceptional movie, one that is worth watching. In plain words, the movie is sweet and simple. The theme portrayed in the movie is different, different in the sense of looking at death and life from a different perspective, the new perspective being that of death itself. The movie does not border around the clich├ęd ideas of a failed life, realising its mistakes in the face of death. Nor does it portray the grim side of death. Rather it does not portray death at all. The movie is all about how death comes to realise what life is all about, about how leading a wonderful and honourable life, leading life to its fullest is its true beauty. The movie centres on death himself learning how to live from an experienced and successful life of an honourable man. Without even a reference to death in the whole movie, the message is clear. Nothing in this life is as certain as death and taxes, fear neither you should.

The thoughts that came to me while watching “Meet Joe Black”.

  • I shouldn't act because other people do so in a particular way. Principles, I should have and, insight and foresight should be the basis of my life. Action ought to have reason and the reason must be honourable. Rude and arrogant, I should not be, for wherever I reach; always remember I should, that I started at zero.
  • The more you chase after it, the more you long for it. The more you long for it, the harder it is for you to let go. The harder it is for you to let go, it slips away all the more easily. That is life.
  • If you haven't tried, you haven't lived.

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