Thursday, May 22, 2008

Penning my muses

The Terminal

This seemingly interminable and perennial wait is what I dislike most about going to the airport, or any other public transport station for that matter, especially to the arrivals terminal. If I were travelling I could at least indulge myself in the dreams of meeting a beautiful lady in the forthcoming travel, and thus bide away my time. Not only that. I rarely travel without a book to read.

But now waiting for my brother and mother to arrive from Dubai, all I can do outside the terminal is to sit and wait ever looking at the Blue Screen in the hope that the flight has arrived. What use then too? It will still take another half hour or so for all the formalities to be completed and for them to come out of the terminal.

But still I wait, drowning in my thoughts, not because patience is my virtue but I am left with no choice.

Publishing a technical paper

Publishing a technical paper in an international journal is my dream, but I should not let it be the motivational factor behind my work. I must work on the project; develop the idea that I have, with a desire to come up with something innovative.


When life as such seems to be of no purpose it is imperative that one introspects deeper than ever before. It is important then to come up with an ambition fuelled by a deep desire from the bottom of one’s heart.

It so usually happens in such situations that people just let it be and let life take them to whatever it is that’s their destiny. Destiny, one of the most misinterpreted concepts of our life, is what people draw a parallel to fate. Any mention of the word in popular history has always been a case where life governs you and not you control your life. I beg to differ.

Destiny is the destination of life which has not been pre ordained for you but what has been fuelled by your own understanding of your strengths and the ambition that you develop on your introspection.

Notes on life and environment

Survival of the fittest is the motto of a world where the denizens live on instinct, where life has no purpose more than to survive and to sustain life. But with the state of evolution having reached us, a thinking human being, who bases his life on thoughtful action, life is not just about survival. The main point to be understood is that your life is not just about you.

We seem to have forgotten this, and with the supreme brain nature has endowed upon us, we crave to now be nature's master. All its other creations are now seen as our slaves. Based on our whims and fancies we kill, poach, eat and destroy nature's other successes. It is true that we are the ultimate stage of evolution. Nature eventually found a way to create Intelligence, and all that for a lost cause. Because, as it seems now that very intelligence will destroy the world we live in.

We forget that we are fortunate to be alive. The development of life on earth, though having a minimalistic probability, is a testament to how ideal conditions can collaborate at the right place and at the right time to create a planet and the nearby universe in a manner so that we now exist to ponder over the very reason of our existence.


Reaching the consummate state of the evolution process initiated by nature, the humans amidst all the intelligence that they possess seem to display an eerie lack of sense. It so seems now that nature has been digging its own grave by not controlling the evolution of intelligence. Now in the state where nature can do no more to physically evolve humans to create an innate common sense – for evolution takes time and by the time humans realise their folly nature herself might cease to exist – the one thing we must be prepared to do is evolve through our minds.

Thoughts give birth to revelations, revelations yield wisdom, wisdom adorns one with common sense, and the lack of it is the reason for the despicable state we find ourselves in.

The Terminal 2

More than an hour now that this wait has been extended and an end to this tragicomic situation cannot even be foreseen in the near future. Typing away on this mobile phone I am gradually reaching a state of saturation, not with regard to the words but after this seemingly interminable wait I seem to be suffering from a lack of ideas.

Signing off!!! Catch up with you later.

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