Sunday, August 31, 2008

Communism and the Bird's Nest Generation

The following are the excerpts from an NY Times Column on 31st August 2008 by Thomas Friedman. Enjoy reading but more importantly think where the Indian political parties (all parties including the communist parties) stand with regard to dynamism and their willingness to adapt.

"The problem for the ruling Communist Party is this: China can’t have a greener society without empowering citizens to become watchdogs and allowing them to sue local businesses and governments that pollute, and it can’t have a more knowledge-intensive innovation society without a freer flow of information and experimentation, for this requires bottom up control measures while power in China is top down as of now.

What surprised me is how much the party is thinking about all this. I actually came here at the invitation of Wang Yang, the Communist Party secretary, i.e. the boss of Guangdong Province. He had read one of my books on globalization in Chinese.

Wang is also a member of the Politburo in Beijing and is considered one of the most innovative thinkers in China’s leadership today. He has been given room to experiment and has begun advocating something he calls “mind liberation” — primarily an effort to change the culture of his bureaucracy and open it up to new ways of thinking. Right now he is focused on trying to shift dirty, low-wage manufacturing out of Guangzhou to the countryside, where jobs are still scarce. And he is trying to attract clean industries and services to the city. His goal, he said, was a more “low-carbon economy.”

“Please put it in your column that Party Secretary Wang Yang welcomes [Western] clean energy technology companies to come to Guangdong Province and use it as a laboratory to develop their products,” he told me. “We will be most willing to participate in the innovation and provide the services they need.”

So my postcard from Guangzhou would read like this: “Dear Mom and Dad, this place is so much more interesting than it looks from abroad. I met wind and solar companies eager for Western investment and Chinese college students who were organizing a boycott of an Indonesian paper company for despoiling their forest. An ‘Institute of Civil Society’ has quietly opened at the local Sun Yat-sen University. The Communist Party is trying to break the old mold without breaking its hold. It’s quite a drama. Can’t wait to come back next summer and see how they’re doing ...”"


Wetfingers said...

Every article has to do something with Communism...and i don't think you have anything for/against ideology. I think you have something for/against commies..can't figure out. In your M.S. you can take Eco as a minor..

Cyclops said...


of the 30 posts, i have only 3 directly referring to commies and 1 indirectly... so proportionally speaking, every article doesnt have something to do with communism.

and can you clarify why u interpreted that i dont have anything for/against ideology.. would like to know, for about the next point you are pretty much right, well almost.

i have nothing for/against commies. u couldnt figure that one out coz even i cant figure out what i believe. i dont have any idea at all about politics or parties or what they stand for and i am just bloody confused... maybe ya, i should take Eco as a minor...thanks.