Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Halcyon Days of Nature are over or is it?

Reaching the consummate state of the evolution process initiated by nature, the humans amidst all the intelligence that they possess seem to display an eerie lack of common sense and an invidious dose of vanity. We forget that we are fortunate to be alive. The development of life on earth, though having a minimalistic probability, is a testament to how ideal conditions can collaborate at the right place and at the right time to create a planet and the nearby universe in a manner so that we now exist to ponder over the very reason of our existence.

That’s what makes the concept of life so special – as in not our life, but LIFE in general. Every creature trudging the rocks on earth has a reason to believe they are special. We have to respect that. Being the only creature on this planet which has a faculty of thought and which can churn out great innovations from imagination, does in no way make us superior to all of nature’s other experimentation. We are just plain lucky.

We seem to have forgotten this, and with the supreme brain nature has endowed upon us, we crave to now be nature's master. All its other creations are now seen as our slaves. Based on our whims and fancies we kill, poach, eat and destroy nature's other successes. It is true that the survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle where the denizens live on instinct, where life has no purpose more than to survive and to sustain itself. But with the state of evolution having reached us, a rational human being, who bases his life on thoughtful action, we no longer live in the jungle.

Yes, we are out of the jungle, but common sense seems to have been left in the lurch. Our brains have conjured up great technological advancement and some fine philosophical work too, but our mind is yet to accept the rule of law over the law of the jungle. We are then still, not the benevolent king but the ruthless conquistador.

How else can we explain the extinction of animal species ever since humans became a force to reckon with? How else do you explain global warming and its consequences on nature? How else can the fact that we have developed the heart to see all this yet be just a passive spectator, be explained?

Now in the state where nature can do no more to physically evolve humans to create an innate common sense – for evolution takes time and by the time humans realise their folly nature herself might cease to exist – the one thing we must be prepared to do is evolve through our minds.

Thoughts give birth to revelations, revelations yield wisdom, wisdom adorns one with common sense, and the lack of it is the reason for the despicable state we find ourselves in.

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