Thursday, August 7, 2008

In a Personal Dilemma!!!

It just so happens that i am not a loquacious speaker. More often than not when i suddenly meet an old acquaintance, words get stuck in my throat, for what to speak does not come naturally to me. I need to plan in advance before talking to anyone and that is why when people tell me that in an interview speak as in any natural conversation with a friend, i tend to ask what is a natural conversation like?

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Abhijith said...

Maybe if you had met me before you would have changed.For one thing I think I make you speak or do I do all the talking? I always think you are the most happiest person to have a conversation with me because I never express any displeasure at you not having much to converse. I did not know if it was a bad thing to do..but now I believe it saves you a lot of embarrasment.
And this is the first time am reading your blog btw.. Hope you read this comment..