Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hollywood vs. Rajni

Just watched "Wanted" yesterday night. Slick movie that. Some really nice action sequences. If you choose to watch it as a no-brainer, not questioning your own knowledge in Physics, the movie actually is worth watching. It is entertaining all the way, with crisp dialogues and a well sorted script. Irrespective of the fact that when I saw James Mc Avoy's physique and the genre of the movie, I thought he was horribly miscast, he has done a reasonably good job. He has portrayed the ascend of a vulnerable man with a sense of reality. We tend to get the feeling that a transition like that is really possible in real life.

Well now, thinking about the reality aspect of the movie's action sequences, I realised why Hollywood is able to pull it off and not Rajni (outside Tamil Nadu, that is).

Even in a no-brainer, slick action movie some sense of reality should be there. There should at least be more than one person who can do all the nice tricks with guns, bullets and cigars. If there is some sense of super natural behaviour in the protagonists, an explanation, however vague, should be given for their abnormal talents. For instance, in "Wanted" the members of the fraternity are said to have an abnormally fast heart beat rate under duress, which pumps copious amounts of adrenaline into their brains making them see things slower and able to make decisions faster. Moreover, all the thrills and frills should fit the script and the scene and not be there just for a melodrama.

I just hope Indian movies learn this from Hollywood. We would then at least be able watch all the indigenous movies without thinking - "What the hell?".

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